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International Exchange and Development of Global Human Resources

The University of Tsukuba aims to improve the level of education and research through international exchange and develops global talent with an international perspective.

International Exchange Activities

■Encouraging students to study abroad

Studying abroad is a valuable experience for students to enhance international sensibility and enable to see things from multiple points of view. The University of Tsukuba has exchange agreements with over 300 universities abroad, and have established a unique scholarship to support students aiming to study abroad. In 2016 FY, we sent over 2,000 students to about 180 universities abroad.
■Accepting international students
Among national universities, the University of Tsukuba has the highest percentage of international students and the second-largest number of international students behind the University of Tokyo.
The University of Tsukuba offers about 40 degree programs taught entirely in English and Japanese subjects according to the proficient level of the individual students. We are expanding economic supports to our international students by the unique scholarship. In 2016 FY, we accepted more than 2,000 international students from over 100 countries and regions.
■International exchange activities in the laboratory schools

The University of Tsukuba has 11 laboratory schools that are playing significant roles in Japanese primary, secondary or special needs education. We are promoting international exchange activities in the laboratory schools for pupils and students to deepen their understanding of the culture of their own and other countries, and be able to actively communicate with people in other countries.